Shark teeth dating

This bad boy was a prehistoric beast that makes the modern great white look like your average goldfish. Great whites these days vary in size from 7 to 20 feet (2 to 6 meters).

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Locating any megalodon tooth is a great find, and anything over 4 inches is rare and valuable. These teeth can go for as much as several thousand dollars each on the auction Web site eBay, depending on the size and.

Shark teeth dating

Most people would agree that digging up a 1-pound fossilized shark tooth as big as your hand is pretty cool. We ll give you some tips on the best way and best places to find these valuable fossils on the.

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Shark teeth dating

That s why most of the teeth that are found and collected aren t white, but gray, black or brown - the color of the sediment. The tooth absorbs the minerals in the sediment and these minerals eventually replace the.

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