Relative dating lesson plans

2) How do you know that X is older than M ? 3) Explain why D in the rock layer represented by DM is the same age as M. 4) Explain why D in the rock layer represented by OXD.


MARSHA BARBER and DIANA SCHEIDLE BARTOS INTRODUCTION PALEONTOLOGY, AND in particular the study of dinosaurs, is an exciting topic to people of all ages. Although most attention in today s world focuses on dinosaurs and why they became extinct, the.

Relative dating lesson plans

Fossils have been used to date rocks as they are time markers many species lived at a particular time and later became extinct. As you saw from (1) above, the.

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Relative dating lesson plans

Life Science: Fossils indicate that many organisms that lived long ago are extinct. Extinction of species is common; most of the species that have lived on the earth no longer exist.

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Communities exerted pressure on people to form pair-bonds in places such as Europe ; in China, society demanded people get married before having a sexual relationship 6 and many societies.

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Black slaves were attendants to sea captains and ex-colonial officials as well as traders, plantation owners and military personnel. This marked growing evidence of the black presence in the northern.

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